Support Staff

Roberta's House employs administrative staff, and a volunteer coordinator, Family Services Case Manager, Youth Services Coordinator, Survivor Program Supervisor, and contracts professional licensed social workers to manage programs for children and their families and specific focus groups around loss. The President has conducted more than twenty-six years of bereavement support groups and has a natural calling for serving and meeting the needs of the bereaved in Baltimore. Staff members hold memberships with professional associations that support their training, development and utilization of best practices. Professional staff are members of the National Association of Death Education of Counselors and the National Alliance of Grieving Children.

  • Annette R. March-Grier, R.N., President

    Annette R. March-Grier, R.N., President

    As the President of Roberta’s House, she works tirelessly to increase the community’s knowledge of children’s grief and establishes relationships with foundations, social service agencies and other mental health providers.

  • Veronica Land-Davis, LCSW-C, Executive Director

    Veronica Land-Davis, LCSW-C, Executive D

    As the Executive Director, Veronica Land-Davis, is responsible for the overall health, safety and operations of the program and services. She is responsible for establishing and fostering positive working relationships with…

  • Kelli R. Tucker, Volunteer Coordinator

    Kelli R. Tucker, Volunteer Coordinator

    Kelli R. Tucker is the Volunteer Coordinator for Roberta’s House Family Grief Support Center. Roberta's House currently has over 300 volunteers of which 100 are very active in programs. As Volunteer Coordinator for…

  • Deirdre Gardner, LGSW, Survivor Programs Supervisor

    Deirdre Gardner, LGSW, Survivor Programs

    Deirdre R. Gardner, also known as Dee, is the Supervisor of the Survivor Advocacy Program, a new supportive program for survivors of homicide victims that utilizes advocates to provide services…

  • Dorenzer Thomas, Youth Service Coordinator

    Dorenzer Thomas, Youth Service Coordinat

    Dorenzer Thomas, MSW, is the Youth Programs Coordinator for Roberta’s House. She is responsible for the implementation of “Growing through Grief,” which is a 10 week school-based program. She is the coordinator of…

  • Donna Rice, LGSW, Project Manager, Family Programs

    Donna Rice, LGSW, Project Manager, Famil

    Donna Jean Rice, LGSW , has been working as an advocate providing professional treatment and counseling services in the human service area for children and their families for over 20 yrs.…

  • Kim V. Holmes, LCSW-C, Program Manager,

    Kim has more than 20 years of experience as a social worker and is currently employed full time as the Director of the Baltimore City States Attorney's Office , Family…

  • Darnell C. Baylor, MS Ed, Rehabilitation, Program Manager

    Darnell C. Baylor, MS Ed, Rehabilitation

    "Changing The Game" Darnell has been a Mental Health Counselor for more than ten years and has years experience with individuals who have been incarcerated, convicted substance abusers, individuals in…

  • Michael Jemmott, M. Div., Q.M.H.P., B.S.

    Rev. Jemmott is a seminary graduate, has Advanced Clinical Pastoral Education and Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management training as a minister. He has pastoral experience with various congregations and has…



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