Support Staff

Roberta's House employs administrative staff, and a volunteer coordinator and contracts professional licensed social workers to manage programs for children and their families and specific focus groups around loss.  The Interim Executive Director has conducted bereavement support groups for more than twenty-six years of experience serving and meeting the  needs of the bereaved in Baltimore.  Staff members hold professional memberships with professional associations that support their training, development and utilization of best practices. Professional staff are members of the national Association of Death Education of Counselors.

Annette R. March-Grier, R.N., President/Executive Director Annette R. March-Grier

As the Acting Executive Director of Roberta’s House, she works tirelessly to increase the community’s knowledge of children’s grief and establishes relationships with foundations, social agencies and other mental health providers.  She networks to expand their services to families in need.  Annette received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Delaware in 1982 and worked for Johns Hopkins Hospital until 1985 when she joined her family business, March Funeral Homes.  She attended Catonsville Community College and obtained an Associate Degree in Mortuary Science. In 2001, she was certified as a funeral service practitioner through the Academy of Professional Funeral Services.  Annette founded the Roberta’s House Family Grief Support Center and is a bereavement counselor.  She has facilitated bereavement programs for 26 years.  She has presents numerous workshops on grief, stress, and holistic healing in various churches, schools, community centers as well as hospitals.  She presents and organizes annual holiday bereavement seminars and training workshops. Currently, Annette along with the March Family is the leading force to build a dedicated family grief support center in Baltimore City.  Roberta’s House will provide a confidential setting to facilitate the emotional, physical and spiritual healing for grieving children and their families where grief can be expressed and experienced safely. She is member of the Association of Death Educators & Counselors, Trustee of Sheppard Pratt Hospital, A member of the Harbor City Chapter of Links Inc. and many other professional associations. 

Kelli Tucker, Volunteer Coordinator 

Kelli R. Tucker is the Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator for Roberta’s House Family Grief Support Center. Roberta's House currently has over 100 volunteers of which 65 are very active in programs.  Kelli has over seven years of Human Services experience. She has worked primarily with Families and Children providing a variety of services from Childcare to Case Management Services to homeless families. As Volunteer Coordinator for Roberta's House she recruits and assist with the training of volunteers. 

 Her most important role is to assure staff all of the programs at Roberta's House with dedicated volunteers. Her jovial personality and warm spirit encourages the wonderful support that Roberta's House receives from its volunteers.   She also develops appreciation activities and awards for outstanding volunteers annually.  Kelli also organizes community exhibits and outreach programs to increase the community awareness of grieving children.  

Kelli is a graduate of Seton High school and UMBC. She plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Human Services Administration at Lincoln University. Kelli is a native of Baltimore. She is the proud mother of David and Jasmine. She enjoys reading, shopping, spending time with her family, and she is an avid bowler.
Donna Rice, LGSW, Project Manager, Family Programs 
Donna Jean Rice, LGSW , has been working as an advocate providing professional treatment and counseling services in the human service area for children and their families for over 20 yrs. She  attended Tuskegee University and obtained her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in the field of Social Work at Morgan State University. Donna received her Master’s of Social Work Degree from the University Of Maryland School Of Social Work specializing in Administration with the concentration of Children and Families Theory. Donna is Certified as an Advanced Theories Social Worker with Licensure by the State of Maryland and has received approval to sit for Licensure to practice Certified Clinical Social Work (LCSW-C). 
Donna is presently the Family Project Manager at the Roberta’s House providing oversight, developing lesson plans, family assessments, referrals and evaluations. Donna has donated over 400 hours to the Roberta’s House as a Team Leader/Volunteer prior to becoming Project Manager.
In addition, Donna has been employed for over 15 years by the Baltimore City Public School System as a School Social Worker providing counseling services to children diagnosed as being academically or emotionally challenged as defined under the Maryland Disabilities Act, IDEA and Comar Laws and to their families.
Donna has created specialized programs for the regular school environment which include; Bereavement workshops/sessions, Relaxation/Meditation workshops, Corrections Facility Impact Programs for At-Risk Boys and Girls, Girls Etiquette and Social Skills Program and The Arts Appreciation Program with The Baltimore Opera Program as a sponsor. Donna also chaired the 504 Plan and Student Support Teams at The Polytechnic High School. She has presented on Child Abuse and Neglect, Violence Prevention and Bullying for Baltimore City Public Schools and Grief and Loss for the Maryland Baptist State Convention.

Kim V. Holmes, LCSW-C, Program Manager, Homicide Survivors Transformation Project

Kim has more than 20 years of experience as a social worker and is currently employed full time as the Director of the Baltimore City States Attorney's Office , Family Bereavement Center.  She provides therapy/crisis counseling to both children an adults who have lost a loved one to homicide. Aside from her full time position, Ms. Holmes is the Program Manager  for Roberta's House Homicide Transformation Project and coordinates and facilitates group and family counseling sessions. 

Darnelle C. Baylor, MS Ed, Rehabilitation, Program Manager, "Changing The Game"

Darnelle has been a Mental Health Counselor for more than ten years and has years experience with individuals who have been incarcerated, convicted substance abusers, individuals in recovery and juvenile delinquents. He has experience with supervising mentor programs, developing and facilitating prevention groups and job placement programs.  Darnelle facilitates and assist in the development of the DJS programs for youth 14-17 years of age with Roberta's House.   

Michael Jemmott, M. Div., Q.M.H.P., B.S. Ed Spiritual Consultant

Rev. Jemmott is a seminary graduate, has Advanced Clinical Pastoral Education and Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management training as a minister. He has pastoral experience with various congregations and has served as Senior Staff Chaplain at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In addition, he has had a plethora of ministerial experiences which includes working in Prison Ministry, working with the HIV/AIDS and homeless populations. Rev. Jemmott is also a Grief Consultant with Mental Health Therapists and Substance Abuse Counselors providing grief support for adult clients with co-occurring disorders as well as being a local and nationally known speaker and workshop presenter. Rev. Jemmott is also a member of the National Association of Death Educators and Counselors.

Rev. Jemmott began with the March Family in 1984 providing Spiritual Support for the Program called A Time of Sharing. This program is the oldest of the four programs currently provided by Roberta’s House. In addition to A Time of Sharing, Rev. Jemmott works with the Homicide Transformation Project and the Families with Children Programs. Rev. Jemmott offers Pastoral Support, Biblical and Theological Insights and Belief System clarification to support the families at Roberta’s House. During the course of Rev. Jemmott’s tenure with March Funeral Homes and Roberta’s House, he has co-facilitated grief support groups, mentored and supervised seminarians and provided bereavement and grief training for professionals and volunteers. Rev. Jemmott’s contribution to the work at Roberta’s House brings the Spiritual component to the healing process.