Kelli R. Tucker, Volunteer Coordinator

Kelli R. Tucker is the Volunteer Coordinator for Roberta’s House Family Grief Support Center. Roberta's House currently has over 300 volunteers of which 100 are very active in programs. As Volunteer Coordinator for Roberta's House she recruits and assist with the training of volunteers. Her most important role is to staff all of the programs at Roberta's House with dedicated volunteers. Her jovial personality and warm spirit encourages the wonderful support that Roberta's House receives from its volunteers. She also develops appreciation activities and awards for outstanding volunteers annually. Kelli also organizes community exhibits and outreach programs to increase the community awareness of grieving children.

Kelli has over seven years of Human Services experience. She has worked primarily with Families and Children providing a variety of services from Childcare to Case Management Services to homeless families.



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