Many people don't realize how difficult grief can be for a child and or an adult. Often times people rely on cliche's and words that can really do more harm or hurt the person who is grieving.  These words, although meant for good, can cause the griever to isolate themselves even more and dissassociate from family and friends.  Providing a listening ear and just being present are the most supportive ways to comfort a person who is grieving.

Children can have the most difficulty and can potentially develop personality disorders if there are no caring, supportive adults to assist them in their healing. It is very difficult for children to understand the wave of emotions and fears that come when a death occurs within the family.  Children need help in processing their thoughts and feelings that come with grief.  Most adults feel inadequate when trying to explain death to a child.

Attached are some helpful pointers when you must help someone, child or adult, work through their grief after the death of someone close.

Informing of Death

How to Help

Words that Help and Hurt

Tip Sheet 2008



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