We at Roberta's House take pride in our programs:


Adult Support Groups

Volunteer Groups

Camp Erin Summer Camp

Special Support Groups

Homicide Survivor Advocacy Program

Children Support Group

The Community Workshops and Seminars.



Roberta's House is a Grief and Loss Center with the focus of restoring children and families to a place of wholeness as they experience grieving the loss of a loved one through the development of healthy coping skills that lead to positive outcomes. The core Value of Roberta's House is HOPEHonoring the memory of those who have died by Offering opportunities to learn Positive and Empowering grief experiences. Roberta's House is a family-centered and volunteer-driven program where services are provided at no cost to the families. Our services are available to the whole community with opportunities for Volunteer training, school support, professional seminars and workshops and bereavement ministry support and development.

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