Homicide Survivor Advocacy Program

If you need emergency assistance please feel free to contact Roberta’s House Hotline 1-844-227-3478

Survivor Advocates

Roberta’s House Survivor Advocates assures that the needs of survivors are identified and that every effort is made to meet these needs. We recognize the need for a compassionate and dignified notification procedure, as well as access to information regarding the death for alleviating the trauma which results from the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. The specific needs of survivors are unique and varied, Roberta’s House Survivor Advocates have a moral obligation to provide proper assistance to survivors whenever possible.


Our Mission

The mission of Roberta’s House Survivor Advocacy Program will ensure all family members of homicide victims (survivors) are treated with dignity and respect and provided with the services, information and support they need, throughout their involvement in the system.

The program aims to meet the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs of survivors (survivors) to minimize the trauma, re-victimization and the impact of the criminal justice system on those citizens who have been traumatized by homicide.


Our Program

Early Crisis Intervention – Our advocates follow up immediately, within 24-48 hours after the notification to support the next of kin or family in understanding the next steps and connecting them to needed resources. Our advocates may also be called on the scene, alongside first responders, to offer immediate crisis intervention to any family members who are present.  Because an advocate is on scene the police can focus their attention on the investigation, while the advocate turns to the family’s needs.

After a homicide the surviving family members may have to identify the body, address the media, make funeral arrangements, navigate the courts and even be asked to defend the character of their loved one. We are here to assist in all of these matters.


EMOTIONAL & MENTAL SUPPORT Victim advocates can help families contact funeral homes, schedule the medical examiner visit (if necessary), notify school/employers about the crime, and gain permission to retrieve a victim’s property.hThroughout the early days and weeks after a homicide, our RH advocates gauge the surviving family member’s emotional stability and identify which support services are necessary to cope with the devastating loss.


Spiritual Support : We can also access a local chaplain/clergy or spiritual counselors to support your family through this crisis. Making sense of a tragic death and shattered beliefs are important phases in the healing process. We encourage seeking spiritual support of your religious preference during this time.


Rays of HOPE

Teach, Empower, Unite

Rays of HOPE is a 10 week program that includes children and family for survivors of homicidal loss. This program is designed to unite families who may have experienced similar loss with the goal of increasing coping resources in children, adult caregivers and in the family system to prevent relapse and re-exposure. The program consists of discussing new ways about parenting, trying new ways of working together as a family, and how to make day-to-day family life special.

·         Rays of HOPE allows families to express the trauma that they have experienced or encountered by improving communication styles while gaining a clearer understanding of the trauma experienced.

·         Rays of HOPE focuses on discovering family strengths to unite the family by trying new ways of working together and spending time with your family as you engage in fun activities.

·        Rays of HOPE allows children and their families to celebrate the legacy of the beloved one while strengthening the foundation of your family.

If you or someone you know would like to gather more information or attend meetings please contact Roberta’s House 410-235-6633.


All Sessions will be held weekly on Wednesday's 6pm-8pm for ten weeks:

Baltimore Dates

Spring Orientation, Dates to be determined

Spring Session: TBD

Fall Orientation, Dates to be determined

Fall Session: TBD


Prince George's County Dates

Spring Orientation, Dates to be determined




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